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Get the highest Dollar selling in Spring Season

Shannon Biszantz

Shannon Biszantz is a San Diego native from elementary school through university Shannon graduated with a Business Administration Degree from USD and ...

Shannon Biszantz is a San Diego native from elementary school through university Shannon graduated with a Business Administration Degree from USD and ...

Feb 8 5 minutes read

Spring is one of the best times in America's Finest City. The temperatures offer a comfortable feeling during the season.  It is the perfect time to visit the popular tourist spots that San Diego offers. Most especially, it is also one of the best seasons to put that For Sale sign and let your home be explored by your buyers. We will give you reasons as to why you should sell your home in Spring while the others are thinking twice of taking the risks. 

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Here's why:


The location of your home and the neighborhood that it belongs to is one of the key factors that a buyer considers. Whether you are situated in an area that promotes a private cul-de-sac or a home that is accessible to almost everything that your buyer is looking for will be one of their deciding factors. It is given that we cannot move your home and put it in the best location that our buyers prefer but what we can do instead is to stress on our selling points which can include the following:

  • Atrocity or Crime rates
  • Local conveniences/amenities
  • Public transportation
  • School Availability
  • Taxes

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Why Sell in Spring:

Spring makes for an excellent time of the year to survey the sights. It is the perfect weather that you need to enhance the visibility of the location of your property. The distance from one property to another, the best shops to go from a distance, and most especially the sceneries that they can enjoy whilst sitting on your porch. All of these will be made available any time of the day without worrying about a rain or a downpour that can hinder the sight of everything.


"First Impression Lasts". It goes the same with how your buyer will see your home the first time they step in the doorway of your home. How your curb appeals to them, the way your lighting shines through the whole place and even the simplest way that your curtain hangs on your window. It is for the best that your buyer can see the most of every part of your house in a way they envision to put their own furniture in there or the way they will use it for their own good. Upgrades and Painting should be done and everything should be well prepared and ready even before you put that For Sale Sign on your home. You would not want to miss any buyers just because of a tiny web in the doorframe. Few things that you can manage to do in your home:

  • Painting the door and window sills
  • Trimming the flowers and bushes in your garden / front walk
  • Washing the driveway
  • Cleaning the house inside out - Thoroughly.

Why Sell in Spring:

The weather is mild in Spring. Bulbs blossom and flowers bloom. A perfect curb would appeal more to buyers most especially if they will be able to see it in action. Adding flower arrangements can do a lot in increasing the interest of your buyers.

image source: Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre


Priced Reasonably - this is what every buyer are looking for.  They might be looking for the best of the best but they do have a pricing in mind to consider. It is important to work hand in hand with your agent regarding the pricing of your home.Their job is not just to specifically sell your home at a price but to give you thoughts, recommendations and proper advises as to why you should consider selling your  property that could have been priced more or lower than what you want depending on statistical data and the market that your property is associated with, which will attract more buyers. What you can consider when pricing your home:

  • Prices of similar nearby homes that was sold in the past three months
  • Fixtures of your home
  • Competition in the market

Why Sell your Home in Spring:

Based on the study made by Zillow last March of 2016:

Best Window to Sell Homes Faster and for the Highest Price

 Ideal Timeframe to List Home
  Days  Sold Faster than Average
  Average  Sales Premium (%)
  Average  Sales Premium ($)
San Diego, CA
March 16-31
Atlanta, GA
April 1-15
Washington, DC
April 16-30
New York
May 1-15
Los Angeles, CA
May 16-31
Houston, TX
June 1-15

Source:  Zillow (March 2016 CNBC report)  

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