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4 Ways to Effectively Increase the Value of Your HOME!

Shannon Biszantz

Shannon Biszantz is a San Diego native from elementary school through university Shannon graduated with a Business Administration Degree from USD and ...

Shannon Biszantz is a San Diego native from elementary school through university Shannon graduated with a Business Administration Degree from USD and ...

Feb 8 6 minutes read

Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Simple ways to Increase your Home Value.

List of things that you can do to Increase your Home's Value.

At some point in our lives, we sell our home and move to a bigger house or our job requires us to move in a different state. Whatever the reason may be, there is always one thing that concerns us and that is "How much is my home's worth?" The big question and what usually affect our decision before we decide to sell our home.

We usually start with looking for a free home valuation, I mean all the free home valuation that we can register. Compare which is higher or which of those reports will provide the highest numbers. Then we research on ways we can increase the value of our homes, DIY upgrades to save money and basically, any tips that we can get in an attempt to further increase the value of our homes. Believe me, I've been there! We all want to get a little profit from what we originally purchased our home. Who doesn't right? After all, real estate is an investment, you have invested your time, emotions and money to make it your dream home.

So what exactly can we do to maximize or increase the value of our home? I will not provide you a detailed list, however, the list I'm providing you is a "must" Before Selling your home.

I hope you learn something from my 4 Ways to Effectively Increase the Value of Your HOME list.

1. Paint.

paint home
Choose the right Color for your Home

You've guessed it right! Painting your exterior and interior walls will boost the value of you home! Plan ahead and choose the colors wisely. Choose the color scheme that can catch attention, the good kind of attention. Choosing the right color for your house can absolutely and dramatically increase your home's value. I strongly advise that you check online the new trends for a wall paint, especially if it's in the living room.

The safest pick will be a neutral color for the living room, for the kitchen this will depend on the size of your kitchen. But, If you will ask me something not too bright or colorful, well not everyone may appreciate a brightly colored walls. Click here for more tips on choosing the right color for your exterior. I know that you are worried about the cost, so it's better if you plan ahead. Click here for an estimated cost for painting your home. Painting the interior you can do it yourself or hire a professional. Always plan ahead so you can do some budgeting.

2. Kitchen

Matching Appliances can increase your home value. Image source:

Repainting your kitchen walls, cabinets and counters with a new fresh and modern scheme will give your kitchen a boost! Ideally, all of your kitchen appliances should all look the same, best example is if your fridge door is stainless steel, your dishwasher, oven and other stuff should all match your fridge. The logic behind it more of aesthetic value and appeals more to the buyers. Though, the brand also plays a factor. You can save more money by just ordering a new door for your appliances, call the manufacturer or check online if they have a door replacement for your appliances. I think this one of the cheapest and most effective way to give your kitchen a fresh look. Click here for more tips on Updating your kitchen.

3. Bathroom

Do not forget to update your bathroom. Image source:

I'm not suggesting that we all update our bathroom to a Luxury bathroom. It would be nice if we could update to one of those! If I have that kind of bathroom, I will never, ever, ever leave the bathroom again! Just kidding! A fresh bucket of paint will do the trick! Choose the color that is fresh or more "now" will help to increase the value of your home.

Remember not to choose a dark color of paint if you have a small bathroom space. We want to make your bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Focus on the small details as well, any flaws in your bathroom can be easily spotted. Also, don't forget to change the toilet seat cover and redoing your bathroom grout. Small details count. Fixing or replacing what is broken will boost the value of your home! Click here for more tips on Updating your bathroom.

4. Landscaping.

Landscaping increases that curb appeal and home value. Image source:

Nobody wants to live in a wasteland, that is if your landscaping is that bad. Landscaping your property can be a bit costly especially if you will be hiring a professional to do it for you. However, a property that is professionally done and with a gorgeous landscape can boost your home or your property value up to 28% and this is according to economist John Harris. A Portland, Ore., study found that trees with a sizable canopy growing within 100 feet of other houses added about $9,000 to their sale price and shaved two days off its time on the market, according to You can also visit their website for more information.

We all want to sell our home for a top dollar. However, we need to do our part to fix or replace whatever is broken in our home and throw whatever is not needed to create more space in our home. You can also request for a free Home valuation in San Diego area, click here.

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