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3 Benefits of Relocating after the Loss of a Loved One

Shannon Biszantz

Shannon Biszantz is a San Diego native from elementary school through university Shannon graduated with a Business Administration Degree from USD and ...

Shannon Biszantz is a San Diego native from elementary school through university Shannon graduated with a Business Administration Degree from USD and ...

Sep 14 5 minutes read

After the loss of a loved one, people often struggle to regain a sense of normalcy. The grief consumes every facet of life, and it’s hard to move through it. If you have trouble finding your way after the death of a loved one, consider moving for a fresh start.

1. You’ll Be Able to Shift Your Focus

Grief is all-consuming. At first, you cannot think of anything but your loved one and your pain. Giving yourself the option of moving will help you shift your focus to your dreams and desires and help you start to see new possibilities. According to SpareFoot, one of the best things you can do is be patient with yourself. You may need a few months before you can go through your loved one’s possessions and hunt for homes. You will know when the time is right to sort your loved one’s belongings. Some people find this process helpful because it brings back memories and pushes you to decide which items to keep and which to donate or sell.Keep items that hold the most sentimental value. It may help to ask your closest friend or family member to help you tackle your loved one’s belongings. You will be able to share stories, laugh about the good times, and get support when you feel overwhelmed.

2. You Will be Able to Let Go and Start Fresh

Sometimes, people who suffer the loss of a loved one want to move right away because there are just too many memories in the house they shared. Of course, it is wise to give yourself a little time to make this life-changing decision, and Grief and Sympathy recommend that you weight the pros and cons of moving carefully while in the throes of grief. Move in with a friend or family member if going home alone is too painful, so you can remove yourself physically from the situation while deciding what to do next.

If you decide that selling is the best option, find out how much your home is worth before looking for new houses. You will need to know what you can expect to get from the sale of your home to help set a house-hunting budget. To get an instant home-value estimate, check out this online tool from Redfin. It’s also a good idea to work with a realtor who understands the housing market in your area and who can handle fielding inquiries from potential buyers, holding open houses, and negotiating with those who make offers.

Your fresh start should involve moving to a neighborhood that suits your needs so you won’t regret your decision to relocate. It will be helpful to work with your realtor to narrow your options and choose a neighborhood in which you will be happy living. 

It’s also a good idea to hire a moving company to help you move your stuff to relieve some stress and eliminate the possibility of hurting yourself by attempting to move heavy furniture and appliances. Let the movers handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on making your new place feel like your own. Plan to hang photos or put meaningful items on display soon after moving in to bring some old memories into your new home.

3. You Will Begin to Feel Stronger

Getting a change of scenery and giving yourself a fresh start is not easy. But, you will feel stronger by doing so. You will find new places to go to reflect and work through your pain, and you’ll build new relationships. Set new goals and work to achieve them to boost your self-esteem and confidence. Rather than being surrounded by painful memories that hold you back, allow yourself to enjoy new experiences. Once you decide to grow from the loss of your loved one, your possibilities will be endless. While your grief never truly goes away, you can move through it and get a fresh start. You will focus on selling your house, buying a new one and enjoying the change of scenery. Then, you will feel stronger as you open yourself to new possibilities.

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